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itslearning has a New Look

Over the summer, we have transitioned our "classic" version of itslearning to the modern version of itslearning.  You will find some notable differences between the old and the new.  First, you will notice that the course dashboards are different.  This new look allows for the students to quickly access the learning.  The second difference is that the tree menu that was on the left hand side is no longer visible. You can still find your organized tree under the resources tab in the top menu.  More information and quick tutorials on this update will be added here.  If you are excited to learn more about the recent updates to itslearning, including a new Google integration, join Rachel Riggio, an itslearning trainer, at OBO August 14, 15, and 16 to learn more!  

8/7/2018 7:31 AM